Oct. 23rd, 2012

There hasn't been much to say here and have actually been writing in a physical journal now just so I can write something every day, but wanted to try and post something here every day. But as long as I am writing things are good.

So what's up.

Well still looking for work and also looking to go back to school in order to get some more education in order to find a job in the field that I want. Basically narrowed down that I really want to focus on writing and video game creation/design. I really should have done that years ago but I guess needed to really figure things out for myself and see that "real work" is basically no different than anything else out there. Work is work is work no matter if you're a fry cook at McDonalds or a Secretary at some big company. I, of course, want something better but at the same time I want something that I will enjoy and not despise and instantly wish I were at home before even getting to work. I mean yeah not all work is awesome but if I describe my favorite things about the job have nothing to do with the job itself then yeah time to find something better. Still I wish it didn't happen the way it did but if it didn't I'd still be looking for something I would rather not do just to have a job and still not pursuing anything further.

Been playing around with Second Life again. I know a lot of people probably look down upon it but for me it's part of my transition to game design and writing and the area that I stay in is very cool. I love the atmosphere there and love the people there. But yeah because of this though writing stories and building things in 3D and getting some training of basic 3D items. Always loved building things in SL when I figured out how, especially buildings, but now trying to make a Literature Annex in New Babbage, where I reside in SL. So basically trying to get some reading/writing circles and get some lectures on writers, genres, and books/series. Hopefully it will work out but plan on only doing a monthly thing with it.

Anyway think that's it for now.



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