This has, as every year, been a busy November, not that I am complaining mind you.

I'm not sure how I'm going to say everything that's happened but maybe will go through some lists to make it less wordy.


Jury Duty


-MIR was quite as fun as last year, although missed a few people who normally show up. This weekend was also Perro's Birthday in which we went to Goose Island and most everyone got drunk.
-MFF Was very awesome. Worked before and after it as part of official staff in the Logistics dept. even got a nifty Staff Badge. At the same time being my Tenth MFF I wanted to get a paper badge so I could have it framed next to my other badges that I framed previously. I can't believe it's be over ten years being in the furry fandom :3
-I found that MFF is really a Babyfur con for me. I found myself hanging around them more often than not even when I had plans to go to a certain event, upon going there I felt a little out of place and left to go hang out with my BF friends.
-At MFF I did get to spend a lot of time with someone I really wanted to hang out with for the longest time. It was a blast to spend most of my time with him :3
-Thanksgiving I spent with my Mom in SC. In fact Tuesday morning, which was after the Monday unload of the truck, I flew out to see her.
-Whereas MFF was a very fun and busy con, Thanksgiving was actually very very relaxing. In fact I crashed early after getting there, this was of course after going to the beach almost first thing.
-My mom taught me how to sew. It's complicated but I think now I have much more confidence than I did before with it. In other words I really think I can actually make something myself now.
-Chatted on Skype with one of my best friends while at my moms place. I have to say I love Skype because of this. It felt like I was actually with him... but I wasn't... which unfortunately makes me feel like I really want to move now :P But do love getting to chat with him in person like that and his mate too :3
-Got Zelda for myself this weekend. It's good... but it's like learning how to play all over again. The controls are made specifically for the Wii, which of course is great but it's a bit different.
-Got back on SL... I know I shouldn't but when I got on a lot of the people I knew missed me and in truth I missed it too. I love the RP and the atmosphere of the area I tend to stay in. I also love the rampant creativity of it. So will again have fun with it.

I think that about covers November.



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