Ohhh LJ how I've missed whining to you...

I think I just realized that I've lost my passion for things. What brought this up actually was what I would call a perfect job for me and trying to apply for it too late. It just made me remember that at one time I did have a passion for something. This also brought back ideas of things I want to set up and do either myself or at least be the muse for.

So this job was an assistant editor for an online video game magazine. I was editing my resume and in the morning knew it was still there but by the afternoon refresh it had been removed. I've always been passionate about video games or at least used to be. Games haven't really lost too much to me but it seems like I have lost a lot of the time to play them like I used to. I'm still excited about certain games but it's nowhere near as excited like I used to be, I guess that's just general growing up.

Anyway this just has made me rethink the store idea again but if I'm going to do it I need help from people mainly because I know I can't do it alone and also because the idea requires a few people anyway. So will probably look into getting some people who are interested in it together and try and set up something. This would also mean I have to get some experience up myself so I can be more than just the creator of this project.



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