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Actually named my car.

My first car that I officially owned was "Brave Revolutionary White Knight Pikachu"

The story behind this is interesting. I was living in Cincinnati at the time and was hanging out with some really fun anime people. One of the guys named his car in a very interesting way (can't remember the name but he was a sonic geek and if he were gay I probably would have jumped him). So inspired by this I decided I wanted to name my car. At the time I had a white Neon and was (and still am) and avid Pikachu fan, just started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, and last but not least was playing Brave Fencer Musashi. So combine all those together plus the word Knight and you get "Brave Revolutionary White Knight Pikachu". Actually I think I was also doing a pokemorphs story at the time where I had a white pikachu who was a cop so that also helped with the knight part.

When I got my Element I changed it to "Brave Revolutionary White Knight Pikachu's Blue Box" or PikaBox for short.
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Wow this one was interesting since it's also my furry name so thought I'd answer.

Originally the name Cyan Icewolf came from an Interactive Story mailing list. It was a character I came up with, a human who was a middle age warrior, and used the name for a new e-mail address since I wanted the list separate from my other e-mail address. What ended up happening though is I began to use this e-mail address more and more and the other became spam filled. When I discovered furry I thought it was awesome and decided to use this as my furry name. It's always funny to hear people say but you're not a wolf.

I am the only Cyan Icewolf but unfortunately there are many people coming very close to my name lately.
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I've never one of these before but after my experiences of late I thought this one would be good to answer.

Personally I don't think you will ever loose that love you have for the person. Sure there may be anger and hatred for some near the end, but if you truly loved that person you will always have that feeling for them. So in the end I don't think the term "Fall in love with them twice" is a good statement as I think you just rediscover what you really loved about the person in the first place.

I have to say there will always be a special place in my heart for all the people I have loved of the years, especially my previous boyfriends. They will never go away and will always be there to help guide me to be a better person.

So the answer is yes AND no.



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