Aug. 2nd, 2011 01:21 pm
So I have a Google+ account now and will possibly be starting to use it for multiple things including blogging. I may still check this often but probably no where near as often as before so why not add me there.

If you aren't on Google+ and want an invite let me know too.


Jun. 27th, 2011 01:25 pm
So I have been thinking for a while that I want to change Monday Night Burgers Chicago but not really sure what to do with it.

There have been some who don't want it on Monday, there have been others who want it as a monthly event, I have thought originally to have it go from one to another different location frequently.

So dunno what is going to happen tonight (e.g. if people want to go they can don't think I will tonight) but want to see what other peoples opinions are and what they want to do next with it.

So please post suggestions here.
So it's been 6 years since I moved to Chicago to be with Jason... and it's been a year and two months since we broke up.

I do have to say, like with most things in my life, I don't regret any of it. Yes I may have been whiny and hated parts of it but all the experiences I have had here have definitely made me a better person.

I don't know what the future holds but I am glad for all the time I've had in the city and all the friends I made while here.

Life update

Jun. 5th, 2011 07:51 pm
Life has been going pretty well lately.

Last weekend was IML and I had a ton of fun. Got dressed up in gear, did a little shopping but mostly hung out with awesome friends new and old. I have to say probably one of the highlights of the event was just a small dinner withan old friend whom I had been meaning to reconnect with and one of my new friends whom I really like. I didn't say much during the dinner but I think it helped me see a few things that I can continue to improve upon and that I'm not the only one out there that feels weird to talk about things because the words never seem to come out right. Everything was great though and thinking next year should actually stay in the hotel rather then truck back and forth to my house.

The rest of the week was a busy and rather confusing. Having minday off and such a good weekend and at the same time not getting much sleep because of the weekend is hard even for such a short week.

This weekend was nice as well. A lot more relaxed I felt. Went with Pamf to see X-Men: First Class on Friday and then Saturday we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Both were great movies although thought Pirates needed to have more Jack moments. It more seemed like a pirate movie with Jack Sparrow pinned on it. Both I wouldn't mind seeing again though.

Also oiled and set up my sewing machine and it's now all ready for some test sewing and then getting down to business. Not really sure how I am going to do some of these things but will work through it. I'm always more of a "work with a template" type person so may have to make something up for it.

Anyway things have been really good. Always things to complain about but feel I've complained enough recently. More updates to come later.


May. 23rd, 2011 01:48 pm
So I haven't been posting a lot of the good things that have been happening which is ashamed because I have been having a lot of fun and been meeting great new people.

This weekend was the very first time I went to an anime con and as funny as it sounds it made furry feel normal. There were some awesome costumes but there were also a lot of bad ones too and it seemed like the vast majority of them were in costumes. I can't say too much because they were just kids after all but yeah there are a lot of kids at furcons too. Another thing, ACEN made MFF look like a picnic. I mean there were, according to one of the staff, over 23,000 people there. I mean that seriously blows my mind as even AC's attendance is probably going to be over 6,000 this year and they are one of the largest furry cons. I originally was going to stay at the hotel over night but decided at the last minute not to. I knew there were supposed to be five people in the room but figured more might end up crashing there. But I still paid for my portion of the room and headed out with other friends.

Our original plan was to go to TMLMTBGB but we ended up spending a relaxing evening watching Dr. Who instead. I ended up crashing with them since I had stuff to sleep with anyway.

Sunday morning woke up and went to breakfast with Toz and Reddy and their friends. Had an amazing breakfast at Nookies... one that if I repeat could possibly kill me, but soooooo good. Then Reddy and I walked around Boystown and shopped for a bit. Our friend Metro was having his birthday dinner at 7 so we went over to gaymart to find something he'd like (since Gaymart has a huge collection of things we'd know Metro would like). We ended up both getting him a sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who (Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's). We ended up figureing if we just stayed in Boystown area we could wait for Toz and then go back to Reddy's together so we went to a few other places, I ended up buying some really cheap football pants <3 and found that Belmont Army has footed pjs which seemed odd, but cool of course.

Met up with Toz at the Belmont stop and headed back to Reddy's place where we ended up grabbing lunch and taking it back to his place and watching more Dr. Who. Toz had to go pick up his keys that he had left at a friends house and Reddy and I got ready for dinner with Metro. It was a good crowd, about ten or so people and Metro loved the sonic screwdrivers :3 and at the end of the night Reddy was kind enough to drive me home.

I do have to say I am enjoying hanging out a lot with these guys. I know sometimes I feel really awkward and don't really feel like I fit in but the truth is it takes time to really become a part of the group. And really when you have people inviting you out to do things you know you are liked well enough to be included.


May. 23rd, 2011 01:08 pm
So I realized I have used this journal a lot lately to vent my emotions, which to a lot would probably look like I'm rather depressed or just emo in general. It's odd because it seems I don't even mention the good things that happen here anymore, because there are a lot of good things that are happening in my life. So I think from now on, or at least for the most part, I'm going to make my emotional rants private (unless you want to see them and if so please reply here as I will have this screened and will add a new group).

I will post more things here... good things shortly... like right after posting this.
So I have noticed a lot of my journals tend to be whiny and I want to stop that so in a step in that direction I want to ask a question.

Lately I have tons and tons of motivation to do lots of things I want and like to do but can't every seem to put that motivation to use.

How do you turn motivation into action?

And secondly, but still related, How do you keep going once you are in action?
So as my new look has come together (most of which was stuff I just hadn't worn in a while) I finally found a hat that I actually look good in, so much so that I have begun to wear it whenever I can. Now I would actually like to find more hats like it though which I suppose I can at Target since that's where I got this one but wanted to see if there were other colors than the ones I saw at Target.

But yeah so far the new look has gotten compliments which makes me happy. Never realized how much people noticed how I was dressed before, or maybe didn't notice me until now because of how I am dressed.

In other things was going to start going back to the gym but ran into a few road blocks. The first one was I couldn't find my lock and need one for my gym. This week has been more work/friend on vacation/sleep screwing me up. I really should go tonight but still feel like I need to go with someone in order to make the best out of the gym itself. I could start going with my friend Toz but it would also mean needing to get a gym membership to a different gym which I could handle I suppose but already have a gym membership to Ballys.

Also I really need to focus on getting my debt down. I have been spending too much lately. I have adjusted some things here and there but still the more I try to save the more I end up spending. So what I am trying to do is get my immediate debt taken care of and then start paying huge chunks off my old debt. There's also a way of just not paying the old debt but that's not really my style. I do know at this point it's just all interest that I am paying though. If it were a much lower amount I would try and see about tossing it on it's own card that I don't use just the get lower interest rates one it. I do just need to figure out a smart way of taking care of it though and hopefully not spend grandiose amount anymore (e.g. buy food but not much else).

Anyway that's basically all for now.
So just an update on life for me in general.

I think I've finally gotten out of my emotional funk and started to enjoy life again. It's been weird with the breakup then falling for someone, the emotional rollercoaster has been a rough one basically but I am finding it was needed I think. Everything leads you to learn and better yourself.

I think for once I actually feel like I am getting older. I mean generally yes I have aged but always felt like I never got older, kind-of like Peter Pan. I think with recent experiences I really have started to act my age or at least dress like it. And funny thing people actually like it and really I just pulled stuff out that I always wanted to wear but never did. So basically have a decent idea on how to dress now (although a shopping trip would still be fun). But going back to the getting older... I found my first obvious gray hairs and really it didn't bother me, well maybe a little if I am mentioning it.

I have started drinking socially because I like it, but I'm not going crazy with it. Mainly I have been tasting a lot of things at parties and finding a few that I like. It's been a interesting experience but no full on drunk just getting rather buzzed and loosening my tongue. I dunno what it is but it feels much easier to talk that way and I feel less stressed out over it in general.

Otherwise I think things are really going well and I am happy. I have good friends that I love to hang out with and who are helping me become a better person. In the end who could ask for anything more.

Of course there are always things I could ask for but I need to stop saying I'm going to do these things and just do it. That's what being an adult is all about.

First time using the app and it looks pretty decent so far. Will have to check around more to see how i really like it. So far though doesnt have the nice mobile instants like double space for a period and auto cap the first letter of a sentance but can live without it.

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

I didn't realize how expensive clothes have gotten. I also forgot just how plain men's styles are. I did pick up some pants at least that were on sale and will have to do some more shopping when I have more time and money to do so. On the whole, as per usual, I wasn't very impressed with what I saw out there, although did come very close to buying more striped polos. Well as I said before I have clothes that I generally haven't worn that I can wear so it's no big deal. Think I need to get some more pointers for clothes though.
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Actually named my car.

My first car that I officially owned was "Brave Revolutionary White Knight Pikachu"

The story behind this is interesting. I was living in Cincinnati at the time and was hanging out with some really fun anime people. One of the guys named his car in a very interesting way (can't remember the name but he was a sonic geek and if he were gay I probably would have jumped him). So inspired by this I decided I wanted to name my car. At the time I had a white Neon and was (and still am) and avid Pikachu fan, just started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena, and last but not least was playing Brave Fencer Musashi. So combine all those together plus the word Knight and you get "Brave Revolutionary White Knight Pikachu". Actually I think I was also doing a pokemorphs story at the time where I had a white pikachu who was a cop so that also helped with the knight part.

When I got my Element I changed it to "Brave Revolutionary White Knight Pikachu's Blue Box" or PikaBox for short.
So tonight going to go shopping for more pants. Hopefully will find some good ones. Really need to do this anyway because I'm getting tired of all my cheap walmart dress pants falling apart :P So hopefully will get some good khakis to replace them. Still unsure about shirts but I have plenty of them right now so I can manage.

Also really need to start going back to the gym. I think my blood pressure has gotten high again and getting headaches from them and really don't want to take things to make it go away this time as the things I took seemed to make other things bad. I think just a more healthy diet and exercise should do the trick though.
I had the day off on Friday and had a conversation with a good friend about something that I guess never really occurred to me. You see when I generally go out I dress very comfortably. And for me dressing comfortably... well let's just say it I look like a giant kid. There's obviously nothing wrong with this but I am 34 going on 35 looking like I'm going on 12.

This made me think about things. In general clothes don't make the man. I like the clothes I have yes but really they are just clothes and there are many different other clothes I like as well. In fact I have over the years changed clothing styles so it's not overly unusual. If people like me as I am but judge me by my clothes then hey they're clothes I can change them.

The point is he didn't tell me this to mean, even if it did hurt when I first heard it, he told me this because he wanted to help me, and really ever since getting out of my relationship I've been trying to grow and change and become better. Maybe it's time to graduate to adult clothes then.
I have been doing so much lately that I am completely surprised that I haven't said anything about them. So here's basically a list of what I have been up to.

- Went to a wine party at Cheetah's place. Need to remember to dress up a bit more next time. Had my first wine that I actually liked.
- Went to Furry Bowling for the first time. Is wasn't too bad but we got there late and they wouldn't let us bowl. Before that though went to Rookwood... something or other XD was an awesome restaurant with amazing food.
- Went to my first wine tasting and found another drink that I liked. Found out it was rather inexpensive so grabbed the bottle.
- Brought my Brut to a party in the burbs and found out that bubbly drinks need to be drank quickly after opening. Party was awesome though and found out how much of a game guy Street was.
- Woody had a birthday I brought more wine and alcohol for him. He thinks I got turned into some kind of monster now XD The evils of alcohol indeed ;3 Had one glass of wine and felt my ears getting hot... Need to know my limits first so I set the glass down and chilled a bit.
- FCN.... AWESOME CON :3 Hung out mostly with my DC area friends had an awesome time. Fell in love with Zingerman's. Found another drink I liked, Tom Collins. Asked the guy I liked out on the last day. Overall I loved it and want to go again next year.
- Got an answer from the guy I liked saying no. Was upset but understanding.
- Kojak had a birthday, his 21st, so it was party weekend last weekend. Went to dinner and bar hoping. Wilde was amazing first time there and will plan on going back sometime. The bars were good too and Sidetrack's Orange and Red Slushies soooooo good.
- The next day Kojak had another party in the burbs which was a potluck. I brought Mac and Cheese casserole and it was enjoyed by all and destroyed quickly. I found out I really like singing for Rockband and found another Nintendo fan :3 (mostly NES). The party was rather large but still fun. Need to work on getting myself out there a bit more though.

Takes a deep breath.

So those have been the last few weekends. This weekend is LAFF Softball and I'm sure other things which I haven't found out about yet. Should be fun though :3

Will try to update more and whine less.
So I have been privileged to be hanging out with a lot of good friends lately. In fact ever since my break-up I have embraced them. I guess it was more loneliness than anything but at the same time I just felt I didn't have friend here. But enough harping on that subject again. I now am growing lots of new friendships here and am really happy about them.

This weekend made me appreciate these friends but still showed me I have a long way to go. Well maybe not so much as a long way to go but for me in a big group it's hard for me to interact much. So glad there was Rockband upstairs Saturday. I like the smaller group interactions though because I typically feel I can add my two cents without feeling like I'm interrupting someone. In bigger groups though I feel... I don't know... lost I suppose. I mean it's weird I don't fully feel comfortable in those situations. I also feel very much like an outsider, although very much less so than before. Blah whine whine whine. Okay like I said though I'm very happy that I have these guys to hang out with.

Also showed me that even though I can still be friends with the guy I like... it's hard to not feel jealous of things. I mean I am handling it well, or so one of my friends said, but it's still hard to see and really need to take those things and remember he's just a friend now. The worst part is I still want to hang out with him and spend time with him as a friend and not think these things :P Stupid emotions. The worst part of all of this though is I was happy to not want someone before all this happened and now that it's over... I feel that I really want someone and just know as soon as I start looking I will be constantly disappointed. The best way to find someone is not to be desperately looking for them.

Okay. So enough whining already. Will post something else later not so whiny :3


Apr. 15th, 2011 10:41 am
So while I was at FCN a friend of mine basically reminded me that we had only really known each other for about 6 months.

I guess I find it odd because I have been going to parties and the like frequently enough but it does occur to me that I really didn't know anyone at these parties. So when I have been trying to "reconnect" with friends is in reality actually going out and making friends. Not that I mind that but I thought more people knew me locally than that. Anyway not complaining about that fact just realizing now how much I have been putting out there and how much more I need to go.

So in general I'd really like to just say, thanks for putting up with me guys and making me part of the group. I will try my hardest not to be the one that causes stupid inane drama.


Apr. 13th, 2011 09:21 pm
Well I got the answer. Not exactly the one I wanted but still and answer nonetheless.

He said no, basically because we wouldn't fit well together, which I can completely see. We will still be friends so in the end I think things will be great.

So yes I'm a little sad but in the end more happy and relieved.


Apr. 13th, 2011 06:03 am
So I have asked... Waiting for a response.

First entry

Apr. 6th, 2011 08:17 am
Looks identical to LJ... will have to post more when I get home and probably after FCN.
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