Jun. 17th, 2014

It's about time for my annual "I miss LJ" post soo lets get to it.

School has been awesome so far. After four classes I have a 3.675 GPA which I think is good (when one of those classes happened to be programming C# which I didn't even know til last semester). It sucks having to take 2 to three classes at a time but at the same time much easier this way in order to learn and get time for work.

Speaking of work... I forgot once more how much I loved/hated retail. And of course if there is something you love in retail that's the first thing they take away from you. I became "Brand" of Men's and Boy's Depts and that involved doing the adjacentcies and Planograms and as soon as I got the position they moved all the POGs and Adjacentcies overnight... the one part that I really wanted to do. At least I am making $9 an hour for something I really don't want to do YAY! Also it doesn't help that they change their HR system to basically a robot that doesn't know anything to schedule us so we can be super understaffed all the time. Thanks god I never changed my school availability over the summer though otherwise I would never have any time off.

As I probably say all too often I should look for another job but I don't know of any places that would work with me while I go to school. I sorta need the flexibility of retail but I need the pay of something much higher than a retail salary.

Life otherwise is... well dull. I want to get out and do stuff again but always feel self conscious about it and not inviting my roommate. I mean I know we are no longer dating and I know he spends a lot of time on SL but still I feel he'd like to get out sometime too. I haven't really hung out with anyone local in a while, a lot of which I understand but some of which I don't. There are a good bunch of locals who I like spending time with... I think I just think too much about these things. I'm constantly spinning my wheels and not going anywhere sometimes, constantly making excuses or just blaming apathy but really it's my own issues. I really need to start reaching out again and start making actual connections and stop being afraid of being myself around people who I feel don't really like who I am.

So basically... same thing different day here XP but for the most part I'm doing good :3
So I have still got those two sites stuck in my head. In fact it was probably the most fun I have ever had on the net.

For those of you who don't know when the internet first came out it was mostly on AOL but Nintendo was one of the companies that decided to get off AOL and host their own website. There they had loads of information and the best thing a Bulletin Board Service (BBS or what we now just plainly call Forums). The best part of this was on their AOL site and continuing in their own site they basically did interactive fan fiction. This was where they'd take one of their properties and allow people to write their own stories with their own characters. It was great! But slowly Nintendo started to pull away from that and eventually people went their own paths.

A group of them first went to Kupopolis which basically started off as Zelda Fan Fiction but started adding Chrono Trigger and many other RPGish games into the fold.

Another group which I became part of went to create VividImaginaion. At first we wanted to just continue doing our stories but rather than continue with fan fiction we wanted to create our own stuff. Not only that we wanted Vi to be an artistic website that would push the boundaries of the web at the time. Sadly it never got that far and in the end died, but not before creating awesome works of fiction.

Why do I mention all this you may ask? Well I've always loved those sites and always loved that form of writing that I am trying to start my own collaborative fiction/fan fiction/role play fiction website. I hope it will be more than just a passing fancy too. The site is readpanda.com so far I don't really have anything on it (still working on the social aspects... well right now still working on getting the site usable in general) but I hope to soon have interesting stuff.



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