It's about time for my annual "I miss LJ" post soo lets get to it.

School has been awesome so far. After four classes I have a 3.675 GPA which I think is good (when one of those classes happened to be programming C# which I didn't even know til last semester). It sucks having to take 2 to three classes at a time but at the same time much easier this way in order to learn and get time for work.

Speaking of work... I forgot once more how much I loved/hated retail. And of course if there is something you love in retail that's the first thing they take away from you. I became "Brand" of Men's and Boy's Depts and that involved doing the adjacentcies and Planograms and as soon as I got the position they moved all the POGs and Adjacentcies overnight... the one part that I really wanted to do. At least I am making $9 an hour for something I really don't want to do YAY! Also it doesn't help that they change their HR system to basically a robot that doesn't know anything to schedule us so we can be super understaffed all the time. Thanks god I never changed my school availability over the summer though otherwise I would never have any time off.

As I probably say all too often I should look for another job but I don't know of any places that would work with me while I go to school. I sorta need the flexibility of retail but I need the pay of something much higher than a retail salary.

Life otherwise is... well dull. I want to get out and do stuff again but always feel self conscious about it and not inviting my roommate. I mean I know we are no longer dating and I know he spends a lot of time on SL but still I feel he'd like to get out sometime too. I haven't really hung out with anyone local in a while, a lot of which I understand but some of which I don't. There are a good bunch of locals who I like spending time with... I think I just think too much about these things. I'm constantly spinning my wheels and not going anywhere sometimes, constantly making excuses or just blaming apathy but really it's my own issues. I really need to start reaching out again and start making actual connections and stop being afraid of being myself around people who I feel don't really like who I am.

So basically... same thing different day here XP but for the most part I'm doing good :3



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