I think everyone has mostly migrated to other forms of social media at this point but this is still nice to get things off my chest.

I started school and I love it so far. Still amazed that I am buying game related things... for school, it's an awesome feeling. My intro to programming class is going pretty well. Not sure if I am catching everything but the way the class is set up it's more of a trial and error, the more errors the more you learn. I do like how the teacher teaches us though. He lets us figure things out and ask questions when we need help. I hope I can learn more though. C# doesn't seem all that hard but we are just at the very cusp of learning what to do with it. As for Intro to Game Design... I dunno. It's partially good but also not. The teacher mainly reads from a powerpoint presentation, which is basically pulled directly from the book, so in essence if you read the book you know what's happening in class. The other portions are a bit better. Last few classes we have been playing a game and improving on it, which means getting together in groups and having a bit of fun figuring things out. Basically whenever the teacher is not talking the class is good XD, Well I wouldn't go that far even but yeah. It just goes to show different teaching styles and how they make people feel. I mean I thought I would love Intro to Game Design and hate Intro to Programming and it's almost the opposite (well not hate ItGD but not love it either).

Job front... I dunno. I feel I am getting too lazy to properly search for a decent job. I mean I don't really care for the Target job anymore even though it was nice at first. There's something good about going into something you're comfortable with, but because of that comfort level it hurts you because people really need to change and grow. I really feel like going back to Target was a step backward, whereas going back to school is a step forward, or a side step. I don't think I fully used college the first time to the best of my potential, and I really think retail jobs completely hamper the school experience mainly because the hours you are at work could be used to interact with other students and gain friends in order to prepare yourself to get a job in the field you want. Everytime I want to go to one of the clubs I have to work. It's rather annoying. And these clubs will help me get a job and know people in the field, gain that network that I never got the first time through. My old school never really stressed how important that was. This also means I need to break out of my shell a bit and try to get to know these people outside of a work/school environment.

I think that's about it for now. I hope I can get a better job soon though cause I really need the money.
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