So I haven't posted here in a long time. I suppose most of my attention has been taken by Twitter which is no big surprise to many but still this was where I blasted all my thoughts. So here's my thoughts currently.

If you've ever read my LJ then you know I'm basically riddled with fears and inability to do much about them. Well recently because of a link [ profile] ashland_pup put on his twitter account I have found that it has been my fears, and more importantly The Flinch that has prevented me from doing anything. The Flinch ( ) is basically that moment when you know danger is upon you and you flinch at it. Apparently some people use this to their advantage to power through things and others use it to stay safe. Apparently after reading just part of this I see that's what I am doing. I am staying safe because I fear to even fail.

I obviously need to read more but so far it has let me see that this is what the cause is. As usual the problem is trying to over come these fears, this flinch. It's not as easy as one may think. When you have nothing to loose then doing nothing comes easy, even if there is something to gain from the experience.

Okay I know what you're going to say. He's whining about his fears again, well yes I am but it seems I am trying to do something about them this time then trying to let them control me. I'm tired of fears controlling my life and leaving me a shell of a person that I want to be. I just have to get over this huge obstacle, which for some might seem trivial, but for me it's like a cliff face.

So yeah I really just wanted to post this though for other people who, like me, suffer from fear directing their lives and can't get past go because of the Flinch. It's a good book and I'm sure it will help a lot of people out of their shells of fear.
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