So I decided I really want to try another website again because I really like playing around with them, but this time I want to be serious about it. I think I want to make it an actual job and not some fake "I wanna do this" kind-of thing.

It does have a little bit to do with my non-used cyan gear site and probably will try to drag another old .com that I have (which I need to get transferred to me).

But I have a new domain which I won't give out fully publically just yet (as it has nothing there anyway).

Anyway this idea is a combination of a past idea and a little bit of a new idea all rolled into one. Years ago I played around with a site called Vividimagination. It was an art site that was truly awesome. Since then I have grown a bit bit still miss it, not because of the site itself but because... I feel that I am more of a muse type than I am a doer. In other words I love coming up with the ideas but can never seem to follow though (with anything it seems). I tried very hard though with Vividimagination though, as much as someone without many skills and no actual art could do. In the end it failed and the name is now gone and I have not moved on but have revised and renewed my ideals about it.

I want my new website to be a creative muse for people. I want people to share their art, look for people to help them (e.g. an artist who wants a writer for a comic or vice versa, a designer who is looking for a sewer, Someone who has an idea and wants to put them into being), education and in the end sales to help these people market themselves.

Putting it in writing makes it a lot bigger than messaging a few people about it. Anyway This is what I want to accomplish. I would hope to get some people to help me with it but from experience I know that usually doesn't happen. So this is what I will be seriously working on for now.
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